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This episode features the US Transhumanist Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan

Hey friends,

I've been working on an exciting new podcast with my friend Aaron Moritz.

It's a comedy podcast for people with access to way too much information.

The themes are comedy, politics, religion, conflict resolution, and creativity.

Check it out if you like podcasts. We're on iTunes and Stitcher as well.

Bless your lil hearts!


I was on Power & Politics

2012-01-26 01:27:49 by altffour
Updated XuzI

Hey, you know, I was on TV being serious.

Time Bears Volume Two!

2009-03-20 11:36:17 by altffour

It's a second volume to a series. Most people should like it. It's a mystery series, and an adventure series. And it's starring some bears.

Time Bears, If ya Care.

2009-01-27 01:46:38 by altffour

Hey, I am going to bring you more episodes of time travelling bears, and by that I mean some actual episodes, pretty soon.

The reason the first was released in August and the second is probably going to be released in February is because I had microphone problems. The Blue Snowball USB microphone I had been using is not Vista compatible, and like a major chump I thought that I should probably get a really nice computer.

The first episode, "Time Bears" or "The Premiere", was originally intended to be a larger episode that explored the characters a little more and established an ongoing plot, that is, an ongoing battle with the evil MR. ZYPHER. But I lost a lot of animation due to flash crashing and my own inability to remember to fucking save, and I ended up making the cartoon that is now on newgrounds. I think it is better than the episode was anyways.

So. Now I have now gotten a new microphone, and we have recorded the second volume of this mighty tome, and animation is well underway.

It's called "The Gettysbear Address". You'll see it pretty soon, I hope.

Goodbye folks!

Time Bears, If ya Care.

So here it is. It's basically the first episode. It's the premiere. We have started on number two. It's pretty good.

The Party Song!

2008-02-22 21:03:17 by altffour

Check out this new flash I made, chaps.

The Party Song!