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Time Bears, If ya Care.

2009-01-27 01:46:38 by altffour

Hey, I am going to bring you more episodes of time travelling bears, and by that I mean some actual episodes, pretty soon.

The reason the first was released in August and the second is probably going to be released in February is because I had microphone problems. The Blue Snowball USB microphone I had been using is not Vista compatible, and like a major chump I thought that I should probably get a really nice computer.

The first episode, "Time Bears" or "The Premiere", was originally intended to be a larger episode that explored the characters a little more and established an ongoing plot, that is, an ongoing battle with the evil MR. ZYPHER. But I lost a lot of animation due to flash crashing and my own inability to remember to fucking save, and I ended up making the cartoon that is now on newgrounds. I think it is better than the episode was anyways.

So. Now I have now gotten a new microphone, and we have recorded the second volume of this mighty tome, and animation is well underway.

It's called "The Gettysbear Address". You'll see it pretty soon, I hope.

Goodbye folks!

Time Bears, If ya Care.


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2009-01-27 02:14:35

oh shit I was wondering if you really going to do a series

badass man! can't wait.

altffour responds:

Oh, I am.

Thanks for the support, it helps more than you think!


2009-01-27 14:23:16

Time Bears are awesome.

altffour responds:

They try.


2009-01-27 15:03:46

Do they still have a plane and a car?
Cause that's the only reason I Watch this.

altffour responds:

You bet your ass they do!


2009-02-01 12:06:16 023597

You should be happy to hear about Ebaum :3

altffour responds:

Yeah, I saw that. It is kind of satisfying to know he was fired, but he did also get like 12 million dollars out of selling the company, so I guess we just have to accept that there is injustice in the world.


2009-02-23 16:37:46

BAd ass


2009-03-11 07:47:07

ya ucant wait