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I was on Power & Politics

2012-01-26 01:27:49 by altffour
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Hey, you know, I was on TV being serious.


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2012-02-08 22:48:51

I absolutely agree with #splatter.
She obviously had no idéa how anything "computer related" works and was somehow trying to make it sound like you were justifying stealing. I absolutely agree with that sharing files and information should be free. Take for example "walthroughs" and "let's play's" Those kind of videos are just commercializing the game itself sinece the viewer doesn't actually get to play it. it's the exact same thing with music.


2012-04-28 10:42:18



2013-02-18 05:57:41

Nice! I love your stance of current issues of the internet!

altffour responds:

Thanks Wojoe! The laws that define the internet are of the utmost importance. We're now in the information age... we should ask ourselves what information we have recieved.


2013-05-10 12:41:02


altffour responds:

<3 !


2013-05-20 18:33:17

No new movies I see


2013-06-23 22:13:11

Wow! I love how you were so composed!
That lady in my opinion had no idea what she was talking about

altffour responds:

Thanks, it was somewhat stressful, I got the call 3 hours before I went live, I was in a room where all the monitors were displaying videos of me, so you can definitely see the tension in my posture