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The Party Song!

2008-02-22 21:03:17 by altffour

Check out this new flash I made, chaps.

The Party Song!


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2008-02-22 21:13:03

im sorry i didn' like it...ure tweens are it doesnt help that i dont like you

altffour responds:

There is approximately 3 tweens in this animation that aren't animated. You just carry a grudge.


2008-02-22 21:45:48


Oh, it's not a remix?


2008-02-22 21:58:46

well i also dont like your style its...odd...i used to like ultimate showdown...but the style is old...maybe if you reinvent yourself...i'll like you

altffour responds:

My style is being constantly tweaked, updated, rearranged. I'm not gonna vie for your acceptance, I don't even know you.


2008-02-22 22:26:03

why are you answering djnet who doesn't even know what a tween is? Ignore people like him.

Anyway I quite liked it. Fun and strange at the same time. 5ed.


2008-02-23 00:06:15

its the same...
and colio, i actually like ure shit...
and a tween is a noobish thing that takes a symbol and moves it to another area...with it the obeject moving across a predetermined amount of eat it...

altffour responds:

I'm banning you from posting on my page, because your comments are borderline illiterate ramblings that help no-one. And you've never animated yourself, as far as I can see.


2008-02-23 06:41:06

Awesomesauce. Don't know why people are bitching about your "style" and shit, because saying that would insinuate they know something about what they're talking about, but (djnet) has no fucking idea.

I like you, altffour. SRS.

altffour responds:

thanks rabidsquirrelstudios


2008-02-23 10:28:46

Darbb I love cliche-robot.


2008-02-24 17:22:50

Your soo over rated man, your not horrible your just not even close to as good as people thing you are. I honestly never liked you, Lemon Demon, or your animations. Keep animating though,

It seems like "Lemon Demon" and "The Animutation Portal" are still bitching about, well they know, and really all of NG has dropped it and "The Animutation Portal" are the worst, they are STILL bitching about it and its been nearly 2 year. You wouldn't be one of them, would you?

altffour responds:

Hey, well I'm sorry you don't like my stuff, I agree that some of my flash stuff is massively overrated, and for the record I'm not associated with any animutation portal, although I didn't really understand what you were saying in that last paragraph.

I like making cartoons, and I plan on continuing to do so in the future. I am going to shy away from music videos though.


2008-04-07 02:10:51

lols thats funy whens next commin out